Food Bank

 The Moses Lake Food Pantry 

 This is just one of things we do at CSML, and it is an essential component in our mission to help and feed people in need.

 While our food bank normally provides emergency supplemental food to people on a weekly basis, exceptions are made for the homeless, disaster victims and other unusual or special situations.

 Our policy is to give food to everyone who asks for it, and we never charge for food or any other service we offer.   

We serve families...

and they come from all walks of life. From babies to the elderly, from low-income workers to the unemployed, from single persons to families of 10 or more -- they all have one thing in common. These people cannot afford to buy all the food they need.

 From July 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2023, we served food to 12,000 families, consisting of 25,000 people. More than half of these people receiving food from us are children and seniors.


Hunger happens and it is real.

 For some, hunger may be the consequence of bad choices. The truth is that for most, hunger has nothing to do with bad choices. Children have no choice. The handicapped have no choice. The elderly have no choice. And there is no one that ever makes the choice to be hungry.   


Hunger is equal opportunity...

 It does not discriminate, it knows no color, no age, no gender, no language, no social standing, no name, no dreams, no hope. And hunger never cares. 


But we do.






At CSML, we work closely with other local organizations, including People for People, to make certain that everyone, regardless of special challenge or need, is able to take full advantage of our services. 


Our financial guidelines are basically the same as for obtaining food stamps, and  individuals and families qualify by self-declaration.