Management Team

Utilizing a team management approach, CSML has two key management positions of Operations Manager and the Financial Manager. Each person reports to the Board of Directors through our President. Under this approach, our managers work in concert to guide and manage all aspects of our company.


Scott Kilpatrick, is our Financial Manager. He was hired in May 2010 as our Management Consultant, and assumed his present position in December 2010. Scott has been an attorney for 27 years and is a graduate of Gonzaga Law School and Northwest Missouri State University.

As our Financial Manager, Scott is primarily responsible for managing all aspects of the financial affairs of the company, including grant compliance, tracking funds and expenditures, preparing program and grant budgets, preparing annual budgets and financial forecasts, preparing cost allocation plans and directly supervising our bookkeeper.

Scott's past experience includes 9 years as a federal fiduciary and 12 years as attorney for Cowlitz County Public Utility District. In addition to having previously served as attorney, officer and board member for several nonprofit corporations, he has extensive experience in corporation law.


Peny Archer, has been our Operations Manager since December 2010. Peny has been with Community Services since 1999, and previously served as our Assistant Executive Director since 2005. Peny has endless energy and passion for helping people.

As our Operations Manager, Peny is responsible for all aspects of our food operation, including warehousing, distribution, sourcing, receiving, and food safety. Her primary duties include food procurement, supervising our warehouse workers and volunteers, and coordinating all truck deliveries. Peny is an experienced warehouse equipment operator, truck dispatcher and mechanic.

Since 2005, Peny has served on the Board of Directors of the Washington Food Coalition, a statewide organization of over 300 emergency food providers. She has also served on the Board of Directors of North Columbia Community Action Council since 2006.

Peny and her husband Rich are founding members of the Sand Scorpions ORV Club, an organization of more than 490 families dedicated to preserving off road areas and promoting off road events.