At CSML, we have many people, doing many jobs. Sometimes we get so busy doing our own job and making sure others are doing what they need to do, we tend to forget about the faithful people that get the job done with never a problem and without the need for any supervision.


Some merchants offer us their date-expired bread, pastries, baked goods, deserts and other perishable items, to give to our families that need food. If we want these items for our families, we need to go out daily and pickup these items from the local stores. And in the food bank business, we call the workers that do these daily pickups "Breadrunners".


In early May, 2010, the Moses Lake Seventh-Day Adventist church offered to do our breadruns. And they do a great job. They show up every morning we are open to the public, pick up the boxes they need, go make the rounds, and then return to drop off the day's goods. Day in, day out, they always show up and do what needs to be done.


We know they don't do it for recognition. They do it because they have a heart to help people. But we say "thank you," for we know your sacrifice and appreciate you.