At Community Services, we are fortunate to have many workers sent to us from various organizations and programs. Some stay with us for just a few days, some stay for several months, and a few stay with us for years. Some come to fulfill class assignments, some light duty, and some are sent by employers just to help us out. Some are paid by others, and some work for free. But every one of our workers share one thing in common -- they each do a great job and are a tremendous help to us.

Our special thanks to SL Start

Among all the organizations that send us workers, we give special thanks and recognition to SL Start. Throughout the years, they have placed many workers with not only us, but with businesses throughout our area. With close supervision and a professional approach, they successfully develop marketable job skills in people. And it is in this way that SL Start helps people obtain competitive, meaningful employment.

Silvie Valdez of SL Start, and CSML's Operations Manager Peny Archer discuss placement of a new worker

We thank all the organizations and employers that send these fine people our way. And to all you workers, we thank each of you for all you do, helping us to help others. Perhaps some of us will come to the realization that when we step out and help another person, our own problems don't seem so big. And just maybe, as we reach out to help someone else, we will come to the realization that our life wasn't nearly as bad as we thought.

Here are just a few of the many workers that pass through our doors

and touch our lives. . . .