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munity Services runs on volunteers, without whose help we would be unable to do what we do. Running a food distribution center for 33 food banks in 3 counties, plus operating our own food bank, is labor intensive, requiring a lot of people providing a lot of woman & man hours. As a charitable organization dependent upon donations, we are able to pay only a few of our people. Without these wonderful people who give unselfishly of themselves, our operations would grind to a halt. These are some of our loyal and steady volunteers. They show up, day after day, month after month, and for some, year after year. They know their reward. We love them, and we thank them for all they do for the families we serve.


34 years



6 years



25 years




6 years


9 years








Chris 9 years



Jeri 3 years

Margo 2 years

















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