NW Harvest

On a more serious note, Northwest Harvest is one of our

important partners in our local food distribution system. They

(special thanks Lisa and Vinnie!) always go the extra mile in

helping us to provide high quality, nutritious food to the 12 food

banks we service in our 3 county area of Central Washington.

We know them to be good people who care deeply about helping

the people in need throughout our State.

Our Moses Lake warehouse/food bank is located in Grant

County, Washington, which happens to be the number one

potato producing county in the nation. We are also the second

leading agricultural producing county in Washington state. So

when we receive surplus food donations (which can be

plentiful during harvest), we enjoy sharing our excess with

Northwest Harvest. In this way, we know that our extra food will

find its way to needy people all over our state.

(Right) Peny Archer, OM, shows

off our new "OPEN" sign recently received through a Northwest Harvest donation. Other donations include diapers which we, in turn, share with other organizations that specialize in helping parents-in-need.

Thanks Northwest Harvest!