Facility Improvement Campaign

In an effort to better serve the economically-challenged in our area, we began upgrading and improving our facility in June, 2010, to allow us to better meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. This was made possible by numerous donations of time, money and materials, as well as significant vendor discounts. The Moses Lake Food Bank thanks all the people and businesses of Moses Lake that have made our facility improvements possible.

Mick and Chris Hansen


In June, 2010, our improvement project began with Mick and Chris Hansen’s generous donation of a new wheelchair ramp, landing and stairs for our entryway.

Mick Hansen spent several months (working in the heat of the summer) providing the necessary plans, equipment, forms, skilled labor (both concrete and iron work), doing all that needed to be done to get this project completed.

In addition to our heartfelt thanks to Mick and Chris Hansen, we also give our special thanks and recognition to:

AAA Concrete (the family of Pamp & Barbara Maiers); and

Moses Lake Steel (the families of Steve & Wayne Rimple).

These family owned companies provided ALL the materials for this major project. These are unsung heroes in our community, always willing to help, always behind the scene, and seldom recognized. In all they do, they help make Moses Lake a wonderful place to live. We tip our hat to these caring, civic-minded families. Thank you.

We also thank Rod & Jake Marchand, Larry Matheson, John Smith and all the Food Bank volunteers that helped Mick with the project. We also thank the City of Moses Lake and City Council for helping us through the permitting process.

We receive so many complements from the families using the Moses Lake Food Bank. The elderly and handicapped are especially thankful, and everytime we see them safely enter and exit, we think of these fine people that made it possible for them.



The Food Bank extends its appreciation to Michael Justesen and the Boy Scouts of America. In August, 2010, Michael chose to help us for his Eagle Scout project. He planned and supervised the construction of a large reinforced concrete pad utilized for our truck deliveries of food and drive-through delivery of food to our CSFP low-income senior clients.

Both Michael and Community Services give their special thanks to all who donated their services and materials in making this concrete pad possible, including:

JRCC (Just Right Cleaning & Construction, Inc.) and the Boy Scouts of Troop 43 who set the

forms & rebar;

Byers Excavation who donated the excavator and operator (special thanks to Craig Byers & family);

Jerry McCain who donated his labor for pouring and finishing the concrete; and

Central Washington Concrete who donated 5 cu/yds of concrete.

Additional thanks to the following individuals for their monetary contributions for the concrete pad project: Rich & Peny Archer, Robert Carter III, Henri Duzon, Dr. David Earl, Patrick & Lori Earl, Mick & Chris Hansen, Loretta Hitchcock, Alice Hyer, Louis & Bonnie Lorraine Logan, Ryan Tolley, Tom Chaplin Insurance Agency, David Vining, Vista Quick Stop and all the anonymous donors.