Harvest Against Hunger is a program of Rotary First Harvest- Rotary District 5030. The goals of the program are increasing availability of fresh local foods to the emergency food network, while striving to capture produce that is unmarketable and would otherwise be wasted.

Harvest Against Hunger has 3 main programs in the Columbia Basin, Plant a Row for the Hungry, Giving Gardens, and gleaning/harvesting.

Plant a Row for the hungry asks community gardeners to plant an extra row in their gardens to donate to a local food bank. Seeds maybe available, call for more information. There are a series of Giving Gardens where the community comes together to learn and grow produce that is donated to the food bank. Gleaners and harvesters get out into the fields and orchards and collect produce that the farmers no longer want to harvest. We are always looking for volunteers, and farmers/gardener donors. Please call 509-750-4566 for more information, or follow the link below to sign up.

Click here to sign up for volunteering or to make a donation.